Simplicity in Serenity

By Sucarha

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The rose pictured here is from the garden of Art Schaffer and is called “Joseph’s Coat”.   This rose was chosen because its blossoms are differing in color (thus the name).   This flower expresses beautifully the concept of diversity that Sucarha and the Eclectic Church hold so dear to their hearts.



Sucarha, is a friend ( not a representative) of the Eclectic Church.  In my correspondence with her I came to realize what a beautiful way she expressed many of the ideals postulated in this site.  Her writing is inspirational and heartwarming and we welcome her thoughts on this site.  She wishes to remain anonymous, but if you wish to email her please write her in care of  addressing her , and we will forward it to her.

(Art Schaffer of The Eclectic Church)


TO MY READERS by Sucarha


     "Simplicity in Serenity", somewhat of an incongruous term, for, although tranquility is to be found in the most basic premises, the path to awareness of this truth is likely to be fraught with difficulty, often intellectually exaggerated, usually theologically exacerbated, and most always laden with disillusion. The motivation behind my writings was born out of the above mentioned frustrations. Of, a struggling sojourner on a search for only understanding.


     In a time of personal loss following the passing on of my dear husband, I was led to an interaction on a public forum in a "Religion and Belief" corner of our cyber world. Although, I was privileged to meet many special souls there who have since became dear friends, I also encountered an ignominy to truth and Spirit. Accepted Christian theology limited "God" to "one" way towards reward or punishment hinging on adherence to nearly impossible rule and regulation. Other belief systems talked of visions and supernatural

epiphanies. I diligently studied espousals ranging from fear and threats of  eternal hellfire, to intellectual dissertations of continual "bliss" achieved by learning to escape the "world". I witnessed scientific brilliance and literary prowess. All the while, my own mind seemed to be tossing on waves of exhilarating "highs", only to be followed in the next moment, by self-recriminating lows because I could not measure up, reconcile, or maintain. I was encased in this "horrid" physical shell.


     In the midst of this "storm", my inner being found solace only in the Nature that I so adored. Just to sit and watch a butterfly drink the nectar from a lily gave me more peace than a myriad of learned words that I could not live up to anyway. A small degree of enlightenment grew out of the ever-growing thought that what I was looking at, and finding peace in, was the "God" of my search. Life....pure and simple. The Universe and all that it is and contains. What I thought to be accessible only through another dimension, was literally staring me in the face. Herein, I found the reverence for God, love of others, and acceptance of self.


     It became my fondest desire to share with fellow strugglers that it is ok to be human. It is ok to question, to hurt, to anger, to slide back just as you begin to inch forward. It is Life! Experience it. Learn and grow from it. That worth achieving does not come cloaked in leisure, free of effort, and wrapped in continual bliss. Yet, in the midst of the toil, rest in the gifts that surround you. You need but look at a rose. For the Universe and all Life is God in form.




The offerings now present here are taken from and in message board format. I hope to contribute more in proper form. I would also invite all visitors to contribute to the guest page or, if you have something to share, send it to Art at  for the Inspiration from Readers page. May the Force be with every one.


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Sucarha – in her own words


Although, everyone present here accepts me for who I am, I have to admit to seeing no visions; none of the accepted "catalysts" to enlightenment.  My enlightenment, if I am blessed enough to be somewhat that, comes from within my own heart and what rings true.   And, it comes from much struggling and, yes, backsliding too.

No "All Bliss" for me.


I am a follower of the Universe --- Nature ---and simple things. But to me, this is a follower of "God", for I believe "God" is all --- a Force, A "Rightness" portrayed in Star, a flower, or a wolf running free.  I believe "God" is an unlimited love and appreciation for all that Is.  And that, is Energy.  Energy in it's basic, truest form.


Einstein, Carl Jung, William James,  saw and learned more than they were able to express within the realms of their chosen fields.  Einstein, especially, had a fear that his career and all his studies would be disregarded by his peers if he divulged levels and forces beyond "accepted" science and delved into the quantum level, where no time and no space house the Force that is the "Father".


What, to me, is the Holy Spirit that dwells within us, dwells also within a rose. This Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Oneness with all life.  The Spirit of Love, Gratitude and Respect.  The true Spirit of the Father that dwells in each being --- and It's beauty abounds all around us in the "heavens" above and covers the "earth" under our privileged feet.


Yes, I saw the Matrix and it was absolutely compelling.  We will never reach the point, I don't think, that we will not "need" the energy --- we will reach the point that we realize we ARE the energy.  And, as everyone here knows, until that time, I will reside in my flower gardens, God's ever present gifts all around me, and hopefully, I can reach an outstretched hand to the souls I walk with along this physical path, the souls that are appendages of me. If I can do no more than offer a kind word, an encouragement to nurture the earth, respect the life of each creature whether it be an animal or a tree, and hope that all look up and give thanks for even taking the journey in such a magnificent Universe, I will be blessed.


Lunatic?  Delusional?  You must be kidding!  I think you may be blessed too, friend.


May The Force be with you!





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Sucarha --- On Being


In my own personal experience, one of the most difficult tasks on this "Journey" we are all taking relates to overcoming the "separation" concept. While in the physical, we have a tendency to put the importance there, as even the "mental" is constantly bombarded with sensory stimuli taken in through the physical. And, that is ok. This thinking of Spirit as something "out there" that must be achieved is the basis for struggle, expectation, and often disappointment.


We are triune Beings. One part of this whole is as intricate as any other. I finally understand that the physical is necessary as a vehicle for the experience of existence, and it is this vehicle that is responsible for ever building to a higher level, that which is the soul/personality.  Yet, a vehicle, albeit necessary, it is. The Spirit is patient in it's realm of no-time, no-space.  The ripples in the Great Pond will reach outward, only when we throw our "pebble" in.  The Great Sea will form only through it's droplets of "rain" into the rivers and streams.


So there should be no "versus".  Live, experience, make your mistakes, learn from them and carry on. Climb your mountains, enjoy the plateaus along the way, and be ready to crawl up an inch a day even when you are sliding back two. Always remember that you will receive back what you put out, and strive to put out LOVE, service to others, and yet, still stand strong for your principles.  Limit judgment to only yourself.


The trip is what you make it, the destination is only the returning to that from which you came.  Enjoy the physical world, for there is too much of it for it not to be of vast importance. After all, it is but the portrait of the Spirit. It is the Face Of God.


Love to all,



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It is only fitting that before going on with my simple attempts at voicing thoughts. I share with you a simple poem written by another.  These few lines provide me daily inspiration. They were written by a caring young man who desires only to share his work that it may uplift others. He has enthusiastically granted me permission to place them here, and sought no credit. His gentle thoughts appear as words by "Wordwrangler" on poetic pages. His friends know him as Ray ---  Sucarha


"Learning To Live"

BY: Ray



For all the things I've yet to see,

The fore coming pains and misery.

Mistakes yet made ---  Offenses untold

For the scorching wastelands, the bone-chilling cold.

For broken hearts, and shattered dreams

The fabric of life it's tattered seams.

I give thanks to Thee for all these things

They'll give me strength to spread my wings.

All the thanks which I can give,

Is to use these things to learn to Live





Thank You, Ray! I trust these simple words will touch the soul of another as

they have touched me.




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Deception of the Flesh

<<Can you actually equate desires of the flesh (Sex) with God.>>

This is an excerpt from an inquiry/response directed to one of my posts on a message board. Unfortunately, the person was indulging in quite a heated judgment of those different from himself. And following, are my thoughts on the matter --- and I intend it only as such  --- is food for thought.


     Our physical being is a creation of God. The flesh has many desires...needs. First comes to mind, food. Are we satisfied to take in only the minuscule amount of nutrition that is required for survival, or do we enjoy abundance of amount and variety? Is lust of the flesh to seek satisfaction of varied appetites? At what point do
we approach "gluttony"?

Is it lust of the flesh to seek warm clothing in winter or shelter in a storm  --- to desire a comfortable dwelling, a dependable vehicle to get around in. A little relaxation or fun after a hard weeks work?  Is it a lust of the flesh to desire more knowledge and understanding? Are we, idealistic, when we abstain from all these fleshly desires as well?

Oh, and then comes that horrible word --- SEX!

     As long as we are in this physical realm, there are going to be desires of the flesh. I sense that our Creator intended it that way in order for us to "experience" love and His Creation. In order, also, for Him to experience it! God is Creative thought and spirit. For Him to experience joy in His creation, He had to manifest Form ---FLESH.

     Your post directed to GSW is seriously taken out of context. You quote Matthew 19:12; what about 19:10 and 19:11?  The disciples were questioning marriage between a male and female; Verse 11 says, "All men cannot receive this saying, save they to whom it is given.  Then Verse 12 states, "For there are some eunuchs that were so born from their mother's womb, some that were made eunuchs of men, and there be some that have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven's sake. He that that is able to receive it, let him receive it."

     Perhaps, you are one of those that think the only purpose of "sex" is to procreate. If so, fine. Then think about it the next time you indulge with no desire to proliferate. Or, is sex a divine gift of love and intimacy and sharing?   (not to say, that it cannot be abused if indulged in with harm to another as in rape or incest)  But, if two souls enter union in the flesh with love and sharing there are those that would say that is entering the Kingdom of Heaven.   The Heaven within God's love and most intimate of gifts, and they are sinning no more than the one who has the extra helping of mashed potatoes long after satiation has been reached.

     No, Spirit has no gender.  Spirit is love and you seem sorely in need of some.  Yes, God is what matters, and you do Him a disservice with your judgment of your brother. Possibly, there is a log to remove from your own eye, before castigating the speck in another's.

My prayers are with you, that your wall of ignorance may come down, or at least sustain a "crack" wide enough to allow a little "light" and compassion to shine through."









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Sucarha --- Finding One’s Way!


I found denial.

I found turmoil.

I found clinging to old beliefs.

I found struggle.

I found self-condemation and guilt.

I found answers that lead to more questions.

I found back-sliding.

I found determination.

I found a desire for patience.

I found comfort, then more despair.

I set false expectations, which led to disappointments.

But, I found a deep murmuring that gave me perseverance, stubborness (of the good kind) and a will to "never give up".

I found I am but a fragment of all of you, and I learned not to judge.



But, yes, I learned unconditional love.







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